decentralized organization system

TransMission (iTm)

organization system of passenger cargo and mail air transportation and optimization of cargo distribution during passenger transportation


TransMission (iТМ)

«TransMission» (iTm) is a decentralized organization system of passenger cargo and mail air transportation and optimization of cargo distribution during passenger transportation.

Today TransMission is a scalable decentralized system that enables the optimizaztion of passenger and mail cargo transportation and offers new ways of money and fuel resource saving for airlines. The platform also provides favorable conditions for passenger air travel and minimization of their own luggage weight. The TransMission's launch will allow its members to earn as members of the air transportation process and to remain owners of TransMission crypto-units, thanks to the project's advertising and marketing strategy and its global involvement.

Project presentation

Currently, the world economy is in decline, the infrastructure sectors are quite badly damaged, particularly, transport. A lot is written and said about global cargo transportation crisis.
The situation in Russia does not differ much in the comparison to global standing, at least in terms of operational indicators dynamics.
In fact, the turning point was set during the financial crisis of 2008; the world trade has not yet been able to confidently return to the previous state of vigorous growth, and is limited to a sluggish recovery, but passenger transportation has recovered against the background of stabilized income of the population. The industry has been soaring over the last five years.
As for civil air transportation, it shall be noted that with the beginning of the currency crisis, the market state has diverged from the global trend by almost 180%. Our platform enables the search for additional freight traffic capacity, without the need fo increase the number of flights, and in any direction around the world.
Our system is also designed to set up additional tools as part of loyalty programs for customers of any airline that is a part of TransMission.
Description of the issue that the project decides
Failure to identify the passenger’s luggage weight and volume in advance has been a significant problem over the recent years in the area of passenger air transportion. The absence of these data disabled the operating airline to properly preform orders for mail and own freight traffic. This problem also affects the delivery speed of priority mail around the world.
it is also a significant economic aspect for airlines as they cannot procure fuel at lower prices at airports with low fuel prices due to the lack of information on the actual loading of passenger cargo until the end of check-in.
As a decentralized system of tokens with the latest blockchain developments, iTM allows for a systematic approach to solving the problems outlined above:
  1. Passengers can be paid with iTM tokens for unused weight luggage limits (standard allowed luggage weight is 20 kg, if passenger’s luggage weighs less, he receives a single iTM token for each kg he doesn’t carry on board).
  2. The passenger provides the information about the estimated size of his / her baggage in kilograms to obtain an increasing coefficient of iTM tokens charged in advance at online check-in.
  3. Passenger can accumulate iTM tokens to pay for overload.
  4. The volatility of iTM tokens on the exchange allows passengers to count on significant level of dividends that this cryptocurrency will bring them.
  5. The airline may use the saved underweight on the aircraft at its own discretion or sell it to the postal services.
  6. Passengers, airlines, postal services and other contractors of air transportation market can use iTM tokens as a bonus or settlement unit.

iTM market and potential opportunities

The preliminary negotiations with airlines, postal operators and other players in the air transport market showed that the iTM platform and its tools are in high demand in the market.
The prospects for using digital economy’s financials instruments in the optimization and development of air freight traffic are brilliant prospects.
The volume of services on the market claimed by the iTM system is estimated at billions of US dollars as confirmed by statistical studies of leading international companies.

Advantages for airlines

Advantages for airlines

Advantages for airlines

Advantages for airlines


15 October 2018




fiat units, BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, WAVES
3 300 000 000 iTM
1 iTM = 1$
3 000 000 000 iTM
1 iTM

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The project team

Denis P. Cherkashin

General Manager partner
Denis Cherkashin has fundamental legal and economic background (bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and etc.). For a long time he worked at senior positions in various transport and administrative structures of Kazakhstan, such as TransAsian Trade Bank, TransCargo International, Kaz Temir Trans, JSC NC Kazakhstan Temir Zholy and etc. He is a remarkable manager recognized by the elite of many countries. He is the project’s coauthor and its principal manager.

Ruslan A. Makarov

Author and architect of the project
Ruslan A. Makarov is the President of the international fund «Humanity», head of the Digital Economy Department of the Eurasian University of National Economy, author of academic monographs on philosophy, law and ethnology, Grand Doctor of Philosophy (GPhD) - Doctor of law, as well as a full member of The Russian Geographical Society. He is also a Rector of The Institute Of Digital Economy and author of the global research project Multimedia cultural and local history anthology «Whole Russia», President of the National Fund for the development of international youth organizations JCI (Russia), senator and founder of JCI (Youth Chamber international), national President of JCI Russia in 2010, Chairman of the Senator Committee of JCI Russia in 2011. Ruslan Alexandrovich has more than 40 international, state and public awards. Over the past three years, Ruslan has been actively studying the ways to monetize cultural values in combination with modern trends of digital economy and electronic finance (electronic and smart money, cryptocurrencies and tokens). According to the Mikhail Khazin Foundation for Economic Research, Ruslan Makarov is the renowned Russian expert in the area of digital economy and electronic finance. Recently, he is actively involved in consultations with various governments, academic and commercial entities on global platforms for moderation of electronic financial forms, ICO-platforms, RSA-protocols and Blockchain on strategic, legal and financial issues. Russian Makarov personally participated in the creation of more than a dozen crypto-currency and electronic cash units in Europe and Asia. He is also a partner of the Mikhail Khazin Foundation for Economic Research on the digital economy and cryptocurrency turnover.

Stanislav G. Makoev

Technical partner and project Manager
Technical partner and project Manager Stanislav G. Makoev contributed to the development of more than a dozen cryptocurrency projects. He is one of the ideologists of PRIZM cryptocurrency. Stanislav managed the development of various electronic payment systems in different European countries. In total, he participated in 17 educational projects conducted by the international youth organization AIESEC. He made a presentation of Ukraine at the international conference in Gdynia (Poland). Stanislav also represented the interests of AIESEC-Odessa at exhibitions «Christmas star ’98» (Odessa), «My house Odessa ’99», «Uitt ‘2000» (Kiev).

The project advisor

The creators and the management of the TransMissia project see as partners all organizations interested in the quality implementation of the project. The maximum interest of TransMissia in the partnership is indicated in relation to airlines, postal and banking structures. The team of project advisors "TransMissia" includes and will include significant people of modern society, able to organize communications for the quality implementation and further development of the project.

Azamat A. Kapenov

The project advisor
Azamat A. Kapenov has graduated from Al-Farabi Kazakh National University with a background in Economics and Management and Jurisprudence (Master’s degree) and from Kazakh Academy of Transport and Communications named after M Tynyshpaev with a background in Organization of Transportation, Traffic and Operation of Transport. Since 1996, he has held senior positions in various organizations. His job experience includes positions in JSC NC Kazakhstan Temir Zholy, work as deputy General Director at LLP Forest Protection, as Vice- President of JSC Transport Services Сenter, as Deputy General Director of LLP Transport Holding of Kazakhstan, and as Vice-President of operations and logistics JSC Kaztemirtrans. Since July 2015 Azamat Kapenov works as a deputy General Director for business development in the CIS and neighboring countries at JSC Federal Cargo Company (Russia).

Konstantin Loskutnikov

German entrepreneur of Russian origin, publisher, patron of arts
Konstantin Loskutnikov, Baron von Bossner - German entrepreneur of Russian origin, publisher, patron of arts. The owner of the multi-brand BOSSNER (chocolate, coffee, cigars, wines and brandies, forged accessories, suits, etc.).
In 2000, due to a significant expansion of business, was founded the Golden Mile GmbH group of companies, the management of all businesses was transferred under the BOSSNER brand. Konstantin Genrikhovich owner of cigar factories in the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. The owner of the factory in China for the production of technical, repair and other tool equipment. Co-owner of the factory in China for the production of chemicals and petrochemicals. Golden Mile GmbH group of companies includes travel company Golden Mile Travel. In 2011, Konstantin Loskutnikov began publishing a glossy magazine "Clan" in four languages: Russian, Chinese, English and German. The magazine is successfully distributed in twenty countries around the world.

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